The department which was formerly known as Finance and Accounts Department was changed to Finance and Investment Department in 2010. It is the hob-nub of all finance related issues and Adviser to the Fund on all financial matters. The department is headed by the Director who is responsible for the overall coordination and supervision of the department. The department is made up of three (3) Divisions each headed by an Asst. Director.

The Divisions are:

  • Treasury and investment division, 
  • Management accounts division, and
  • Final Accounts division.


The department has the following responsibilities among others;

  • Ensuring hitch free disbursement of funds speedily to the beneficiaries
  • Production of financial statement; 
  • Production of management information report; 
  • Prudent management of investible funds of the organization for optimal returns, and
  • Safeguarding of the Fund’s Assets through proper records and maintenance of Asset registers.