SERVICOM is an initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria conceived to promote Effective and Efficient Service Delivery in MDAs to ensure customer satisfaction and to manage

The performance-expectation gap between Government and citizens as well as other members of the public, on issues of service delivery.

 2.0    Functions of the SERVICOM Unit

  1.  Nodal Officer: The SERVICOM Unit is headed by the Nodal Officer and reports directly to the Executive Secretary. The Nodal Officer   performs the following functions:

  • Supervises the activities of the Unit;
  • Oversees the day to day running of the Unit.
  • Liaises with the stakeholders for their input while formulating Fund’s Charters;
  • Monitor the implementation of the TETFund integrated Charter as well as local Charters periodically;
  • Submits the Unit quarterly action plan to the management.
  • Periodically submits report on SERVICOM activities to the Executive Management;
  • Carries out other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Secretary.

 2.   Charter Desk Officer:

  • To guide the Unit and other Service frontlines on Charter implementation;
  • To liaise with the stakeholders for their input while formulating local Charter;
  • To vet Charters and ensure conformity with SERVICOM approved guidelines;
  • In conjunction with the Service Improvement Officer to coordinate the review of the Local Charter;
  • To carry out any other function as may be assigned by the Nodal Officer.

 3.    Customer Care/Complaints Desk Officer

  • To oversee the reception area of the Fund;
  • To coordinate, produce and publicize the customer care policy of the fund;
  • To produce and circulate customer feedback format to the customers;
  • To collate, analyse and publicize comments by the customers;
  • To ensure that the customers are aware of the Fund’s complaints procedure;
  • To keep record of all the complaints, comments, compliments and suggestions by the customers;
  • To investigate and analyse complaints by customers and ensure that action is taken to remedy the cause[s] of the justified complaints; and
  • To carry out any other function as may be assigned by the Nodal Officer.

 4.    Service Improvement Desk Officer

  • To disseminate best practices and other Service tips on Service Delivery improvement within the Fund;
  • To periodically conduct Market Research with a view to identify customer needs and expectations;
  • To ensure the promotion of the quality assurance and best practices in the Fund’s Services;
  • To update the SERVICOM Office through the Nodal Officer on Service Delivery Improvement plans and actions of the Fund;
  • To carry out other function as a may be assigned by the Nodal Officer.



 SERVICOM Complaint /Contact Lines

  1. SERVICOM official email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. SERVICOM lines: 09095479211, 09018657601, 08149770171, 07054191112