The Legal and Board Secretariat Unit is responsible for all Legal and Board matters of the Fund. It is headed by a Deputy Director who is responsible for the overall co-ordination and supervision of the activities of the Unit. The Unit is under the direct supervision of the Executive Secretary.

Functions of the Legal and Board Secretariat Unit

  • The Unit undertakes the following functions and objectives:
  • Advising the Management and the Board of Trustees on all legal matters;
  • Preparation/vetting of contract agreements involving the Fund and interpretation of legal instruments;
  • Providing secretarial services as well as logistics support to the Board of Trustees and Management meetings;
  • Liaising with the Fund’s external Solicitors to ensure adequate handling of court cases in which the Fund is a party; and
  • Performing any other duty as may be assigned by the Executive Secretary and Management.


  • Provide publicity for the Fund and its activities by organizing and granting of interviews to print and electronic media.
  • Production of jingles and adverts for placement in the print media.
  • Articulating strategies for proactive and positive Public Relations for the Fund by ensuring relevant publications as at when due.
  • Writing Press Releases whenever necessary.
  • Maintaining a Photo Bank of projects executed through the Fund’s interventions.
  • Ensuring production of Public Relations documents, organizing talk shows and other promotional materials for the Fund.
  • Ensuring effective internal communication within the Fund by producing and repackaging of the TETFund News Panorama, TETFund News Magazine, TETFund Annual Report and circulating same.
  • Ensuring a cordial and sustained relationship with National and International publics through exchange of publications and other promotional materials with relevant external organizations.
  • Securing Membership of Social Clubs for Management Staff.
  • Production of documentaries on  the Fund for airing on both Radio and Television in the 3 major Nigerian Languages and translation of important literature on TETFund to Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba Languages.
  • Conducting interactive sessions with the Public on the activities of the Fund and monitoring the reactions of the Public on the performance of the Fund by monitoring of news stories and commentaries in both the electronic and print media. 
  • Organizing interviews with beneficiaries to feel their impulse on the intervention programmes of the Fund and inviting its beneficiaries to programmes on TV and Radio.
  • Arranging phone-in-programmes so as to get the reactions of the public on the Fund’s activities.
  • Ensuring that the Corporate image of the Fund is maintained by constantly discussing with frontline staff and delivering lectures on corporate ethics to staff when necessary.
  • Ensuring a smooth implementation of passage and baggage of staff by ensuring smooth travelling arrangement for them within and outside the country.
  • Receiving notification of travelling, providing advice to members of staff on travel and entry requirements outside the Country
  • Pursing the issuance, renewal, cancellation and extension of Nigerian Passport as well as procurement Note-Verbale for Staff/ Officers who have official or diplomatic passport.
  • Performing other related duties such as representing the Executive Secretary and the Fund at meetings or functions outside the Fund, when asked to do so.
  • Responding to enquiries from external customers of the Fund.
  • Drafting of letters and memos for the Executive Secretary.


The PR Unit is made up of the Two (2) sections namely:-

  • Public Relations, Publication and Media Section
  • Protocol Section

Function of the Publication and Media Relations Section

  • Provides guidance to Photo-Journalists as well as Journalists on areas of coverage during TETFund events.
  • Mobilizes the Media for effective coverage of TETFund activities.
  • Monitors end of result of Jingles, Documentation on TETFund.
  • Monitors and Reviews Newspaper Reports, Radio and Television Programme concerning the Fund.
  • Produces TETFund News Magazine.
  • Produces TETFund News Panorama,
  • Produces TETFund Annual Report
  • Produces TETFund at a Glance.
  • Gathers news items and pictures for publication from every Department/Units concerning the Fund.
  • Engages in Special Features Writing.
  • Production of Documentaries.
  • Conceptualizing contents for Adverts/Announcement and Jingles.
  • Facilitates placement of Adverts/Announcements/Jingles in the media etc.

 Function of the Protocol Section

  • Handles travelling arrangements for Board Members and Staff.
  • Advice on travel and entry requirements.
  • Pursues the issuance, renewal and extension of visa and passports.
  • Procures Note Verbale for all official trips of the Fund.
  • Accompanies Board members, Executive Secretary and members of Executive Management to the Airport for travelling formalities.
  • Makes prompt arrangements to receive the Fund’s special visitors, Board members and staff at the airport.
  • Ensures arrangement for transportation, proper accommodation when/where necessary.
  • Secures and arrange venues for all TETFund functions


The Internal Audit Unit is one of the Units under the office of the Executive Secretary and reports directly to the Executive Secretary.

Internal Auditing is an independent appraisal activity for the review of the accounting, financial and other operations of an organization as a service to Management.  The Unit helps to provide managerial control and is designed to add value to and improve the quality of the organization’s entire operations.


The target or objective of the Internal Audit Unit can be stated as being the following:

  • Providing reasonable assurance regarding the integrity and reliability of financial and operating information.
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Ensure that assets are safeguarded and as appropriate and verifying the existence of such assets.
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations


In achieving these objectives, the Unit carries out the following functions:

  • Pre-payment audit of all payment vouchers to ensure that the payments are authorized and approved, the recording is accurate and is properly supported by third party documentation.
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual Audit Reports on financial activities of the Fund.
  • Advising management on control factors relating to all administrative and accounting procedures.
  • Planning and organizing Audit Verification of beneficiary dedicated TETFund accounts nationwide
  • Planning and organizing special verification of sundry intervention projects by the Fund
  • Carrying out physical stock taking activities
  • Reviewing the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of operations
  • Applying civil Service Rules, financial Regulations, Circulars and Generally Accepted Auditing Standards in treating specific financial/auditable subjects assigned.
  • Any other duties assigned by the Management of the Fund.


In order to carry out the above functions effectively, the Unit is subdivided into the Three sections.

General Payments

These relate to checking of payments vouchers for the overhead of the Fund, for purchases, general contracts and Utilities. This division also handles Payment vouchers relating to staff entitlements, Duty Tour Allowances and various staff advances including retirement of advances

 Beneficiary Accounts

This has to do with checking of   Beneficiaries Financial Returns, issuing of Audit Clearance and processing of  vouchers for payment of all disbursements to them.


Maintenance of all Audit files for all the Beneficiary institutions and the various activities of the Fund. The Secretariat is also in charge of incoming and outgoing registers for mails and Payment Vouchers.