The Department of Strategic Planning & Development is one of the pioneer departments of the Fund. It was called at various times “Zonal Operations Department; Funds Generation Department; Planning, Research & Assessment Department” to explain the strategic importance of the department to the operations of TETFund.

The Department has two major divisions namely; Funds Generation and Budget & Planning. The department and also supervises the Fund’s Library.

The department’s major responsibility is to ensure that funds are available for intervention activities in the nation’s public tertiary institutions through effective monitoring of the 2% education tax collected from registered companies in Nigeria by the Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS).

The overall performance of TETFund intervention activities rests on the amount generated from education tax as well as strategies employed in the allocation of funds to Beneficiary Institutions. That is why the department is referred to as the “goose that lays the golden egg”.  

The departments’ primary objectives includes:

     i.        To proactively monitor the assessment and collection of Education Tax by FIRS, and ensure the transfer of same to the ET Pool Account with CBN.

    ii.        To ensure continuous and effective co-operation & collaboration with the Federal Inland Revenue Service especially as it relates to the ET collections.

   iii.        To collaborate with MDAs, NGOs, local and international organisations for the growth of the Education Tax to further strengthen the effectiveness of the Funds’ mandate.

  iv.        To engage with the Fund’s beneficiaries on development and implementation of strategic plans for their institutions.

    v.        To carry out continuous needs analysis which will serve as a guide for policy making and strategic planning for the tertiary education sector.

  1.   vi.        To develop strategic plans that will help benefitting institutions come up with projects that are responsive to the changing education needs of the Nigerian public.
  2.  vii.        To provide library services to staff of the Fund as a means of improving staff capacity.


The Department is made up of two (2) Divisions namely:

  -  Funds Generation and

  -  Budget and Planning


3.1    Funds Generation Division

The functions of funds generation division are:

  1.      i.        To proactively monitor the assessment and collection of Education Tax by FIRS through regular duty visit to FIRS field offices;
  2.     ii.        To analyze monthly returns submitted by FIRS to ascertain degree of compliance with the set targets;
  3.    iii.        To organize reconciliation meetings with FIRS and relevant government agencies to address issues on ET collection and ET Pool Account Statement with CBN on monthly basis;
  4.   iv.        To plan and execute in conjunction with FIRS Education Tax Arrears Drive;
  5.     v.        To establish and update database on ET collection and assessment;
  6.   vi.        To plan and execute Joint TETFund/FIRS Interactive Forum to ensure sustainability of harmonious working relationship among staff of the Fund and FIRS;
  7.  vii.        To plan Biennial Taxpayers Forum for the purpose of educating taxpayers on the activities of the Fund.

3.2    Budget and Planning Division

The Budget and Planning Division functions are:

  1.      i.        To initiate, co-ordinate and facilitate strategic planning activities of departments/units by developing & updating TETFund Strategic Plan & Projects to ensure that objectives of the Fund are met.
  2.     ii.        To collect, collate, store and analyse data to determine Beneficiaries’ needs in the Public Tertiary Education Sector (Needs Analysis).
  3.    iii.        To prepare and update the compendium of TETFund Intervention Projects nationwide.
  4.   iv.        To prepare TETFund Annual Intervention Budget and Monitor the implementation of the Budget by setting targets and tracking outcomes to ensure compliance with TETFund Intervention Programmes & Projects;
  5.     v.        To issue letters of allocation to Beneficiaries based on the approved yearly intervention Budget.
  6.   vi.        To monitor the intervention budget and provide periodic levels of implementation to management.
  7.  vii.        To organize Capacity Building Programmes for stakeholders in the public tertiary education sector with the view of achieving global best practice and effective utilization of the Education Tax.
  8. To liaise with relevant regulatory agencies to obtain current accreditation reports on institutions and use such to appraise TETFund intervention programmes/projects.